Will I be turned away if I try to get a vaccine before it becomes available to the general public?

The initial supply of COVID-19 vaccine(s) is expected to be very limited for several months. This means that a vaccine will not be immediately available to everyone who wants one. Colorado’s phased implementation plan is designed to save the lives of health care workers who are directly exposed to COVID-19 as part of their jobs. Individual vaccine providers, in consultation with their local public health agencies, will need to use their best judgement about which patients may be eligible for vaccination during each of the phases.

Will I be required to get a COVID-19 vaccine?

The state is not considering a COVID-19 vaccine mandate at this time.

Will businesses be allowed to require patrons to prove they have been vaccinated before entering the premises?

No, business owners will not be able to access a customer's protected health information, such as their COVID-19 immunization status, as a requirement for entry.

How will I know if others are vaccinated without compromising their personal health information?

Every Coloradan’s immunization records are confidential, personal medical information that will never be shared publicly. The state will report information on the total number of residents who have been vaccinated in Colorado, but this data will not be attached to any individual’s personally identifying information.

The state health department maintains the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS), a confidential, population-based, secure computerized system that collects and consolidates individual-level vaccine and exemption data for Coloradans of all ages from a variety of sources. Under Colorado law, you can choose to remove your immunization information from CIIS at any time. This is called an opt-out.

Can public and private sector employers mandate employees obtain a COVID-19 vaccine authorized by the FDA via an EUA?

Employers may be able to require COVID-19 vaccination for in-person work for their employees, but an employee may be entitled to an exemption through the ADA and Civil Rights Act of 1964. The state of Colorado is not currently pursuing any mandates. The U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission has more information on this on their website: https://www.eeoc.gov/laws/guidance/pandemic-preparedness-workplace-and-americans-disabilities-act