NEW Vaccine Scheduling Form

Schedule Your COVID-19 Vaccine Online

2021-02-11 | Fremont County Department of Public Health & Environment

Individuals can now pre-register for vaccinations with PrepMod, the State of Colorado's mass vaccination system. Prep Mod is a scheduling system that is now being utilized across the State of Colorado. The system will allow appointments to be scheduled by eligible individuals. Prep Mod will let Fremont County residents go online, fill out their personal information, sign proper COVID-19 vaccine consent forms, and select a date and time that best fits their schedule.

Fremont County residents can schedule their COVID-19 Vaccine appointment online when it is time for their eligibility group. 

If assistance is needed to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination, please call the Fremont County Department of Public Health and Environment at (719) 276-7450.  

Thank you for your support and patience while we make this transition to streamline COVID-19 Vaccine scheduling for Fremont County residents.

Schedule Your COVID-19 Vaccine

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